April 24, 2008

April 24, 2008 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
April 24, 2008 - Volume 40 Number 16
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Maia Frieser (U1 Anthropology) watches as anthropology professor Andre Costopoulos attaches the 20-kilogram skull to the rest of a watusi skeleton. As reported in the October 11, 2007 issue of the McGill Reporter, the bones were excavated from the animal burial ground at the Parc Safari theme park.
Owen Egan

Service honoured

Spring 2008 Convocation will celebrate the careers of four professors emeriti and 11 honorary degree recipients.

Degrees of excellence
Eleven brilliant minds to receive honorary degrees at Spring Convocation.

Top profs honoured
A quartet of outstanding teachers are named professors emeriti.

Sonenberg scores "mini-Nobel" for medical science

Dr. Nahum Sonenberg is named one of the winners of the prestigious Gairdner International Award.

History-making prize

McGill grad and renowned finance investor Peter Cundhill establishes the world's largest non-fiction historical lit prize.

Profile - Tom Thompson: Building support one handshake at a time

He got his first job at McGill when he was 14 and even though he retired last year, Tom Thompson still is helping the University grow.

Familiar faces join Board of Governors
Kathy Fazel and Dr. Morna Flood Cosedine join the ranks of McGill's Board of Governors.

P.O.V.: McGill TA strike
With the strike by McGill's Teaching Assistants now in its third week, the McGill Reporter gave both the University administration and the TA's union, the Association of Graduate Students Employed At McGill, the chance to state their respective positions.

Where to begin?

A new book co-authored by a recent McGill grad offers insight into the question on every graduate's mind.

Entre Nous with Sandra Crocker, Assistant Vice-Principal (Research Operations): An enquiring mind

She's new to McGill, new to Montreal and starting a newly created job. She's Sandra Crocker and she's every McGill researcher's best friend.

Supreme three-peat!
McGill law students grab more Supreme Court clerkships than those from any other university in Canada – for the third straight year.

Kudos: King James
Not only does James Martin have the best hair in Communications Services, he now has a CCAE gold medal for writing to boot.

Renewing old McGill

Not just an Aussie band of the 1980s, men at work is a soon-to-be common sign seen as a series of maintenance projects begin downtown.

The other side of the mountain

McGill and the Université de Montréal launch a unique student exchange program.

Green Corner: Recycle unwanted stuff
Want to get rid of that old bike or baby carriage in an enviro-friendly way?

Around campus
All the major fields are covered here: Religion, medicine, labour and, of course, living with a wolf pack.


Maria Marcheschi

With the City of Montreal engrossed in the NHL playoffs, Montreal Canadiens supporters are firmly behind their team. Professors of Law William Tetley and Daniel Jutras prove that Habs fever has struck even the hallowed chambers of Old Chancellor Day Hall.

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