January 24, 2008

January 24, 2008 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
January 24, 2008 - Volume 40 Number 10
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OK, maybe snowstorms aren’t so bad after all... Steve Kessel wrangles a lemon shark in the Florida Keys. Kessel, a student from the University of Plymouth, took part in a collaborative research project on lemon shark populations in the Atlantic that also included McGill PhD candidate, Joseph Battista. For Battista’s full Notes from the Field dispatch of the project, turn to page 5.
Matt Potenski


McGill red tinged with green

The McGill Reporter takes a look at sustainability at McGill in this special issue.

Two McGill profs appointed to the Order of Canada

A pair of McGill's finest receive Canada's greatest civilian honour.

¡Si, se puede!

The Faculty of Law goes trilingual on us.

Headliners: Walking, wildlife, and worried rats

Walkies everyone, science superstars and lessons learned from trees.

P.O.V.: The accidental environmentalist

In an issue crammed with top-flight green researchers, the McGill Reporter's editor tells readers how he all but backed his way into caring about the environment.

Profile - Kathleen Ng: McGill's go-to green guru

Somewhere along the way to becoming a certified financial analyst, Kathleen Ng saw the light. And it was green.

McGill web gems: Save a tree, read a virtual newspaper (and a blog)

A pair of "sustainability" items from our bottomless treasure chest of McGill web gems.

Harman's "sonic tour-de-force" wins big.

Entre Nous with Dennis Fortune, Sustainability Director, University Services: Making every choice count

He's the new man on campus and he's here to change the way McGill does business — for the better, of course.

Notes from the Field: Sharks of the shallows

A PhD candidate in the Department of Biology, Joseph DiBattista recounts his wild adventure catching and tagging sharks in Florida.

Reading, 'riting and recycling

Just a few of McGill's more successful and creative green initiatives.

Bourguignon Beat: Sustaina-what now?

So just how hard can they be on you during a sustainability audit of your workplace? Ruthless, as our roving reporter found out.

Looking back to move forward

A business conference on sustainability? Not quite peanut butter and chocolate, but two great tastes that taste surprisingly great together.

Students school McGill on sustainability

It's every student's dream — to grade their school from top to bottom.

Know your environment!

A rundown of some McGill courses that teach the finer points of the world around.

Student conference breathes new life into old debate

A group of Laval students and their McGill counterparts revive the debate on Canada's constitution.

Around campus
Doe-eyed manga heroines, axe-tossing lumberjacks, Open House and a tribute to a very special lady.

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