November 9, 2006

November 9, 2006 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
November 9, 2006 - Volume 39 Number 06
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Desautels Faculty of Management second-year student Kristina Olnes was among the many people donating money and donning a Remembrance Day poppy at Engineering students Nicolas Bourbonnière, Morgan Abraham and Jonathan Suss's impromptu stand on Lower Campus on Wednesday.
Owen Egan

Goldbloom returns

McGill alum Michael Goldbloom, new head of the University's Government Relations and Inter-Institutional Affairs Office, has a homecoming to remember.

McGill researchers honoured with Prix du Québec

Professors Patrick Glenn, Lawrence A. Mysak and George Karpati do us proud after earning the Quebec government's highest honour.

McGill again leads Maclean's rankings

We're no.1! We're no.1! We're no.1!

Headliners: Of diets, dope and DNA

Our weekly roundup of newsmakers and muckrakers includes a nice tip of the hat to McGill from overseas.

P.O.V.: The Clean Air Act — what is being cleaned?

The James McGill Professor of Geography applauds Canada's Minister of the Environment for raising the issue of air pollution, but slams her for her half-hearted follow-through.

Profile — Lina Kalfayan: No choice but to have an impact

The tsunamis of 2004 changed the lives of hundreds of people forever. But not all the stories are sad.

Ask an expert: Getting squirrelly
Does a squirrel's bushy tail serve a real purpose? Wildlife Biology prof David Bird gives us the inside scoop.

Trio of researchers and a quintet of grad students win some serious hardware.

Entre Nous With Provost Tony Masi
Keeping academic priorities and resource allocations in balance

Nearing the end of his first full year as provost, Tony Masi discusses everything from his new responsibilities to a moment of truth in Italy.

Coming full circle

A new pilot program initiated by the Social Equity and Diversity Office promotes acceptance.

Macdonald remembers

Permanent war memorial rekindles memory of fallen soldiers.

Vaccines, bird flu and the media

McGill to host inaugural gathering of immunology experts.

Feeling parched? Blame your genes

Charles Bourque, of the McGill Centre for Research in Neuroscience, has linked the Trpv1 gene to the human thirst mechanism.

Duelling deans to reunite for a good cause

Deans Roger Slee and Martin Grant promise no fisticuffs during their annual Centraide Rocks concert.

The Principal wants you

Town Hall. November 22. You know the drill.

Program keeps warm-clime transplants toasty

Annual Winter Coat Drive helps clothe those crazy kids who showed up here wearing nothing but shorts and a tank top.

Two weeks of triumph

The juggernaut that is McGill athletics brings back five major titles in just two short weeks.

Beyond Books

McGill's libraries aren't what they used to be... New look, more gear, better service, same eclectic charm.

Treasures abound in rare book trove

To heck with the Gutenberg Bible, how about those 2000 B.C. Babylonian tablets outlining how many lentils workers got paid?

Unique library for a unique school

In a world of stuffy libraries, the Gelber Law Library is a breath of fresh air.

Library with a conscience
Which library is McGill's "greenest"? Take one guess.

Great Scott!

Legendary law prof Stephen Scott holds court.

McGill Matters
Campus reminders, from Banner to application deadlines. This is where we keep the good stuff.

Children at war

McGill panel explores the horror that has gripped Uganda since 1987.

Winning the numbers game

From dementia to hedge funds, survival analysis has many uses.

Around campus
Too many wonderful events to list here. Come inside and take a look...

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Marcel Desautels

Owen Egan

BCom students Aneerudha Borkotoky and Catherine Bertheau presented Dr. Marcel Desautels with a replica of the frontispiece of the Desautels Faculty of Management at a Nov. 2 celebration of the one-year anniversary of his $22-million gift to the faculty.