January 11, 2007

January 11, 2007 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
January 11, 2007 - Volume 39 Number 09
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SNOW-AP goes green. Aaron Donny-Clark, SSMU President; Mort Mendelson, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning); Gill Prendergast, SSMU VP (Communications and Events); and David Sunstrum, VP (Finance and Operations) take in the festivities of an alarmingly snow-free SNOW-AP.
Owen Egan

Trottier Symposium to grapple with big questions

Want to know the best way to rile up a group of renowned physicists? Put them in the same room and whisper two words: "anthropic principle."

Principal Munroe-Blum reappointed

The Board of Governors unanimously votes to reappoint Heather Munroe-Blum to a second term as Principal and Vice-Chancellor.

Interactive kiosk unveiled

The folks at Engineering go space age thanks to an interactive kiosk developed by the good folks at the Centre for Intelligent Machines.

Headliners: Squat squirrels, cardiac kids and a New York State of mind

A trio of McGillians feature prominently in the New York Times; Mini-Med hits the small screen; and local opossum sightings.

P.O.V.: Le trésor de Rackham le Mcgillois
URO Com Officer Céline Poissant lets us in on the connection between Tintin and Denis Thérien, VP Research and International Relations.

Sarah Burnell: Canadian Folk Music Award-winner isn't just fiddling around

Classical violinist by day, award-winning Celtic fiddler by night. The dual personality of Sarah Burnell.

McGill web gems: Uncovering online treasures

In the first of what promises to be a popular regular feature, we look at some of the hidden treasures to be found on the McGill website.

Soup & Science feeds hunger for research

They came for the soup and stayed for the science.

Entre Nous with James Lund, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
A program with teeth: A former Aussie Rules footballer, the longtime dean doesn't pull any punches when discussing all things dental.

New Year's resolutions? Fuggedaboutit

Not even two weeks into the New Year and your resolutions have already gone down the drain? No worries. Psych prof Richard Koestner, himself a serial failed resolutionist, tells us why it's so tough to follow through on our good intentions.

From Liszt to Led: New music course plugs in

Our intrepid reporter sits in on Bruckner and Heavy Metal: From Chord Power to Power Chord -- arguably the most intriguingly named class in McGill history.

The pain women don't talk about: Breaking taboos to find answers

Psychology prof Irv Binik needs your help (if you're a woman between 45 and 60).

Virtual gallery exhibits student creativity

Where do all the cool McGill artists hang out online? Here, that's where.

Making safe space on campus

Liz Meyer and Gregg Blachford hope that the Safe Space program makes McGill more accepting of gays.

Around campus
Ushering in the New Year with health, art, a bit of the Bard and, of course, a little birds and the bees.

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