September 21, 2006

September 21, 2006 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
September 21, 2006 - Volume 39 Number 03
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Trumpeter Nicolas Boulay of the McGill Jazz Orchestra works out his chops at the Sept. 15 closing of the World's Religions after September 11 congress at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. Deepak Chopra delivered a Beatty Lecture at the conference the day before (see
Owen Egan

Angels of life: Montreal General responds to Dawson College tragedy

In the minutes following the shooting at Dawson College, the first of the wounded began arriving at the Montreal General Hospital.

Deep thoughts: Deepak Chopra delivers provocative Beatty Lecture

Mind-body wellness icon Deepak Chopra opens the Beatty season with his thoughts on the nature of religion and spirituality.

A time for reflection
Conference-goers comment on the Dawson College tragedy.

New Medical Simulation Centre opens: Safe-space training to provide better health care

McGill's brand-new Medical Simulation Centre means that the next generation of health care professionals will get hi-tech training in technical skills.

Headliners: Making sense of Dawson tragedy

Michael Hoechsmann discusses Dawson, Ron Stewart chases storm clouds and David Harpp catches cheaters red-handed.

P.O.V.: Desperately seeking Hillary

Has academia stooped to speculative gossip? History prof Gil Troy looks at the decay of non-partisan coverage of political issues.

Profile - Noelle Sorbara: Impresario today, negotiator tomorrow

What do the Mandarin language, a pop music festival and the Ontario finance minister have in common? Noelle Sorbara, of course.

Ask an expert: The artifice of colour and nature
In the most recent installment of this popular feature, anthropology prof John Galaty answers the age-old question, "Why are stop lights red, caution lights yellow and go lights green?" Go to find out more. No, stop. OK, you can go now.

Saying it with a stamp: Canada Post helps Macdonald College mark 100 years

What's cooler than getting your very own commemorative stamp? Absolutely nothing. Mac campus joins the ranks of Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and Kermit the Frog to celebrate hitting the big 1-0-0.

Entre Nous with Dean of the Faculty of Education Roger Slee - 150 years later: teaching the tech-savvy, information-saturated young
As the faculty gears up for their 150th anniversary, Dean Slee reflects on the challenges of meeting the needs of a wireless generation.

Office of the Provost: reorganization nearly complete

Meet the new people in the Office of the Provost; they're looking forward to working as a team within the office and with other units.

Hélène Perrault named Associate Provost

Forces Avenir nominees!

Science, sustainability and the freedom to doubt: Nobel chemist Kroto visits McGill

Only scientists know what the world owes to the lowly dung beetle...

Nourishing bodies and minds: Faculty's second Soup and Science series a hit

How do you get 500 students to listen to a half-dozen mini presentations by profs? Why, offer free soup, of course.

Selling your soul: Conference looks at Faust in non-Christian cultures

Adrian Hsia organizes the world's first conference on Faust to include Korean soap operas, devas and asuras.

Renaissance women and private performances: what went on behind the curtain?

Renaissance man Kevin Curran studies plays by Samuel Daniel commissioned by noblewomen in an era when female actors weren't supposed to be on stage.

Senate Report: White paper will guide McGill toward a Summer-Fridayless future

Are Summer Fridays possible for a full-service University? McGill's white paper discusses our strengths and aspirations.

Around campus
Studying abroad, leaving the car at home, Centraide fun, wireless network upgrade and our dear friend, the beaver.

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Mario Paré from Signalisation SAIC applies one letter at a time to the new Desautels Faculty of Management sign on the Bronfman Building, on September 7. Marcel Desautels and his Canadian Credit Management Foundation donated $22 million to the faculty last year.
Owen Egan