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McGill Reporter
November 21, 2002 - Volume 35 Number 06
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To the editor:

I enjoyed the article Smoke for health (Reporter, Nov. 7, 2002) very much and your reference to Elizabeth Shapiro's cheerleading efforts struck a personal note. From 1950 to 1952, I was the manager of the McGill University Redmen Marching Band and one (of many) piece(s) in our repertoire, played over and over again at all home games and even some of the away ones, was to the tune of the "Volga Boat Man" and the words, sung lustily by the student body in attendance, were:

Doctor Ros COE (UGH!)
Doctor Ros COE (UGH!)
We want cheerleaderettes
Doctor Ros COE (UGH!)

As Ms. Shapiro said, Queen's, Toronto and Western all had cheerleaderettes and Western had drum majorettes with their marching band, but the Warden (in this case, the term was a very apt one) of R.V.C. decreed that it wouldn't do at all for McGill. That made about as much sense as selling cigarettes to help pay for the sports facility.

David D. Cohen

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