February 13, 2003

February 13, 2003 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
February 13, 2003 - Volume 35 Number 10
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Flowers? No way. Chocolates? Boooring! How about a lovingly handcrafted card modeled after 19th-century valentines? Of course! Camille Beaumier would hardly settle for less for her loved ones. She proudly displayed her objet d'art at the McCord Museum's Valentine's Day card-making workshop, last Sunday while Mom (Sylviane Beauregard to you) helps out.
Photo: Owen Egan

Quebec funding shortfall

Quebec universities need $375 million more if they are to remain competitive with other provinces. Structural underfunding affects all areas of university operations, from maintenance to student services to recruitment.

Genetic key to leprosy

To many minds it's an affliction of the medieval times, but in fact leprosy infects hundreds of thousands of people each year. A genetic component of the disease has been identified by McGill researchers.

A brand new web gateway

Nearly 10,000 McGill web-pages are now more easily accessible to the visually and mobilty impaired. The new look and feel went on-line February 8.

Watching worms wend their way

Next time you see an earthworm on the sidewalk after a rain, gently pick it up and set back on the soil. Their name may be synonymous with "humble" but biologist Joann Whalen says they play an integral role in the ecosystem. "Go free little earthworm! Godspeed!"

Academics and activists

Canadians don't often pay much attention to Latin America unless it is for vacation planning. But in the age of globalization, strikes in Venezuela are directly related to protests in Quebec City. A conference at McGill aims to bring together the academics, activists and organizers to discuss "Hemispheric Civil Society."

Parenting in the new millennium

Anyone who has ever been a new parent -- or even a babysitter -- has bemoaned the fact that these dependant mini-people do not come with an instruction manual. For a dozen years parents have been turning to McGill's Faculty of Education workshops. This year the theme is "parenting in the new millennium."

Painting the university red

There's no secret handshake, and they aren't planning on taking over the world (of course, they would say that, wouldn't they?) They are the Scarlet Key Society, which recognizes well-rounded individuals who contribute to their community. Society President Andrew Tischler is trying to bring the society back to its former glory. Resistance is futile.

From Arabic literature to Jurassic beasties, McGill's new professors are taking the university in new directions. Here's a sampling of the shiny new faces around campus.

Doctors' notes

The worlds of literature and medicine don't often collide, but narrative techniques are a valuable tool for medical practitioners and patients alike. Some McGill professors incorporate writing into their practice and their teaching.

Also in this issue



Stanley Frost is McGill's Boswell, a biblical scholar, historian, former university administrator and now a poet. In his time he's also been a parson, professor and an air raids precautions officer during the Blitz in London.

Also: Ah, to be pierced with cupid's arrow -- not a pleasant thought when it's literal, as with the garden snail. Welcome to the weird world of hermaphroditic, gastropedal -- and very slow -- seduction.

On campus

The English Drama program presents opera in the asylum with Cosi while the Savoy society turns slaughter in song with Sweeney Todd. Aspiring filmmakers should break out the clapboards for the Student Film Festival and Jeff MacInnis is taking a break from battling nature to speak at Macdonald's Founder's Day celebration.
Dashing through the snow in a two-horse open sleigh, while bells on Bobtail ring, making spirits rise...

It could only be the Macdonald Royal Winter Carnival. Other attractions included a hot air balloon, snow volleyball and hot tubs. Bobtail later denied rumours that he and his nameless companion were spotted unwinding in the latter facility after a long day pulling revellers.
Photo: Owen Egan

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