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McGill Reporter
January 25, 2001 - Volume 33 Number 09
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New additions

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McGill's ambitious plan to hire 1,000 professors over a ten-year period will result in a number of consequences: We suspect that one of the most common phrases at the Faculty Club in the years to come will be, "Who's that sitting over there?"

For the next few years, the Reporter pledges to make a modest contribution to clearing up the confusion. As we did last year, we offer profiles of some of the faculty members who have recently decided to call McGill home.

From determining how brain tumours develop at the microscopic level to understanding new stellar entities in the cosmos, from probing the world of spies to pondering the effects of the Free Trade Agreement, the new additions you're about to read about have already been busy making names for themselves. And now when you encounter them at the Faculty Club, you'll know their names.

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