June 7, 2001

June 7, 2001 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
June 7, 2001 - Volume 33 Number 17
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Are McGill's vice-principals plotting to build an army of clones in their own images? No. The protesters descending on the James Administration Building are actors and movie extras in a scene for the film, After Amy, starring Bridget Fonda, which shot some scenes at McGill recently.
Photo: Owen Egan

Striving for equity

McGill is tackling gender equality in salaries. Female professors who are underpaid currently can expect to see bigger pay cheques. On a larger front, the pay equity process is moving along and everyone needs to lend a hand.

MISC's new chief

As Desmond Morton rides off into the sunset to teach history and write books, political science professor Antonia Maioni takes the helm of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada.

The quiet voice of Daya Varma

A respected scientist, Daya Varma saves much of his passion for outside his laboratory as he makes the case for peace in South Asia and takes aim at the perils associated with globalization.

Technology that pushes back

Vincent Hayward is designing new technologies that do more than respond lifelessly to the buttons you push. His work on haptic technologies is applicable to everything from driving games to surgery simulations.

Damaged DNA? Take Vitamin D

An analogue of a vitamin derived from sunlight looks like it might have cancer-busting properties.

Pain pioneer earns Killam Prize

Psychologist Ronald Melzack, a giant in the field of pain research, has earned one of Canada's most prestigious awards.

Slice of life: Business and pleasure

What's the best way of learning how to do business in Brazil or the Czech Republic? Go to Brazil or the Czech Republic. That's the idea behind a series of summer courses in the Faculty of Management.

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On campus
Learning to eat right; Supporting brain tumour research; YEA team; Much Mahler

As summer approaches, McGill crews are hard at work helping the University's lawns and plant life add a colourful note in the midst of downtown's bustle.
Owen Egan

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