April 5, 2001

April 5, 2001 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
April 5, 2001 - Volume 33 Number 14
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Young lovers caught in an embrace. It could be anywhere in the world, but chances are it's France -- Vieux-Boucau to be more specific. The photo in question earned Pierre-Alain Parfond, a photo editor with the McGill Daily, first place in the "people" category of the McGill University Photography Society's annual photo competition. For a glimpse of some of the other winners, see MUPS photo contest.
Photo: Pierre-Alain Parfond

Gambling with their lives

A new centre promises to probe gambling problems and other high risk behaviours among the young. The latest research on the subject is turning up some disquieting results.

Adding techno to music

As music becomes more intricately connected to evolving technologies, there is a need for specialists with a head for computers and an ear for a finely crafted tune. The new Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology isn't just about producing interesting studies. "It's a stewardship mission," says one of its founders.

Stringing together clues of the universe

Invisible matter. Dimensions beyond our grasp. String-shaped particles. Just because we can't see any of it doesn't mean they don't exist, says particle physicist Jim Cline.

The bare bones of calcification

Parts of your body are meant to be hard, like bones and teeth. Parts of your body aren't meant to have hard bits, like blood vessels. With key proteins acting as traffic cops, the process of calcification determines much about how healthy we can expect to be.

Bob Shaw: Man of steel

Remembering a funny and formidable administrator, the fellow who might have saved McGill from student radicals in the late '60s.

Louis Dudek: A poet's poet

The late emeritus professor helped launch many a poet's career. Now with his death, maybe he will finally get credit for his own remarkable gifts.

MUPS photo contest
A small sampling of some of the fine photos that earned prizes in the McGill University Photography Society's annual competition.

Putting the civil in society

It's the International Year of the Volunteer. Meet some of the McGill students doing their part to make the world a better place.

Also in this issue

Mauro Pezzente: Reluctant rock star; An opera student makes the most of her big break; Taking the prize for caring

On campus
Montreal hits the books; Job searching in your housecoat; Fenster's a hit with francophones; Engineers aiming to make a difference

With Easter coming up, the Ukrainian Students Association recently held a workshop to show folks how to make authentic Ukrainian Easter eggs. All you need is some wax, colourful dye and an imagination. Science student Taissa Replansky and management student Larissa Momryk were on hand to provide some tutoring.
Owen Egan

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