Volume 28 Number 16 € May 2, 1996

News and features

A giant step in gene sequencing
An international consortium of scientists, among them McGill biologist Howard Bussey, announces the first complete genetic sequencing of a complex organism, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or baker's yeast.

In Memoriam: Dr. T.H. Clark, 1893-1996
McGill geologist and co-author of The Geological Evolution of North America, Dr. T.H. Clark dies at 103.

New administrative appointments
Admissions, Registrar's and Student Exchange Offices to be folded into a single administrative unit. Dean-elects and incoming directors.

Arguing their way to an international prize
McGill law students win the Concours Rousseau Moot Competition and the "Super Final" at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Recognizing the value of immigration
McGill's new chair of Canadian Ethnic Studies, Morton Weinfeld, says Canada is a relative success story when it comes to immigration.

The hazards and rewards of a life in research
Cambridge Emeritus Professor George K. Batchelor talks to a McGill audience about the pros and cons of an academic career.

Trouble in 2000: Hunting the millenium bug
How McGill is dealing with the worldwide problem of computer systems that can't see past 1999.

Student facing criminal charges
A McGill Electrical Engineering students is alleged to have committed fraud on computer systems at McGill, Concordia and the University of Sherbrooke.

Phonathon sets record
Phonathon volunteers got a record $105,000 in pledges this week for McGill.

Can the CBC be saved?
A symposium organized by the McGill Institute for the study of Canada looks at the CBC's financing options in light of the Juneau Report.

Notes and announcements

News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
New programmes from the Office of International Research

From the desk of the Principal
In his monthly Reporter column, Principal Shapiro discusses questions of professional ethics.

Campaign update
The McGill Twenty-First Century Fund pulls into the home stretch.

McGill's 175th Anniversary
May activities for the 175th anniversary.

Awards and recognition for members of the McGill Community.