A message from the Principal

Dear Staff Member,

The implementation of the Pay Equity legislation has begun. As set out in the Pay Equity Act, the next step in the process is the setting up of the University's Pay Equity Committee. In order to be successful in this regard, we need the involvement and commitment of all concerned. I am, therefore, calling for volunteers from the academic and non-unionized administrative and support staff to organize their respective General Assemblies. The purpose of the Assemblies is to select the academic and the non-unionized non-academic employee representatives who will serve on the Committee. The General Assemblies should be held by the end of September.

Volunteers should contact Jacques Sztuke, Associate Director, Department of Human Resources, by telephone at 2295 or e-mail to jsztuke@hr.lan.mcgill.ca no later than Monday, September 19, 1999. The Department of Human Resources will work with the organizers of the General Assemblies to ensure compliance with the legislation and to facilitate the nomination process.


Bernard J. Shapiro
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Information about Pay Equity is available on the Pay Equity Commission's web site at www.ces.gouv.qc.ca