Karl Parenti takes a break from loading pumpkins as he assembles some Macdonald Campus-grown produce to be sold at Macdonald's Horticulture Barn. If you're looking for prime Jack O' Lantern material at a reasonable price, you might want to zip down to Ste. Anne de Bellevue and pay the market a visit. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN
McGill has its say

Quebec education minister François Legault called on the province's universities to let him know what they think about how they're funded by his government. In McGill's response, the University asks for differential tuition fees for programs like medicine and law, a more supportive approach to universities' own fundraising efforts and a reward system for schools whose graduate students complete their degrees.
What's a fair share?

The University is revamping its Intellectual Property Policy to make it more clear and more consistent with the policies of other universities. McGill's professors don't like the fact that the new policy might result in them taking a smaller cut of the royalties from their inventions.
Stroke victims lacking services

According to Nancy Mayo, a researcher with 15 years of experience on the topic of patients recovering from strokes, Canada's health care system isn't up to snuff in terms of ensuring that stroke victims have access to the care they need.
Analyzing America: Sturdy but soiled

Is the United States in danger of being fractured by an assortment of linguistic, racial, religious and ideological tensions? Sociology professor John Hall doesn't think so. But the desperate plight of American blacks must be addressed.
Witnessing the terror in East Timor

As an election observer during the recent referendum on independence in East Timor, El Obaid Ahmed El Obaid was stopped at gunpoint and roughed up by pro-Indonesia militia. El Obaid says that was nothing compared to what the East Timorese had to face.
Star search

Over a coffee, physics professor Cliff Burgess and a colleague may have solved a centuries-old mystery about a supernova that may or may not have exploded at the edge of our galaxy.
Dentists for the Queen

Thanks to the efforts of a pair of dentistry professors, McGill's longstanding connection to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been a re-established and a unique new residency program has been born.
In memoriam: John T. (Jack) Edward
At issue
On campus

Roasting a ribbon

Attending the recent opening of the new McGill Office for Chemistry in Society, Principal Bernard Shapiro eschewed the stale old ribbon-cutting and set the ribbon ablaze instead. It was a sample of the magic of chemistry as the treated ribbon practically vanished once it caught fire -- thankfully without barbecuing our vice-chancellor in the process.