Editorial note

Here's some good news about the next two issues of the McGill Reporter -- you will have absolutely nothing to fear about either paper cuts or ink stains. Of course, you could run the risk of electrocution if you try reading the Reporter in the tub.

We have three issues left until we take a break for the summer -- April 22, May 6 and May 27. But the next two issues will only be available online. We won't be producing print versions.

Why? Well, anybody who reads this paper regularly knows that budget cuts are a topic we deal with often. McGill departments have had a rough time of it coping with these cuts and they affect us as well. We just can't afford to publish our usual 17 issues.

As of this writing, we're looking at this as a one-time-only situation -- over the summer, we'll set out to slash some of our costs and maybe earn a few more dollars through advertising. The plan is to publish 17 issues as usual for the 99/00 academic year.

Speaking of ads, we don't accept any for our online Reporter. If you have events to publicize, you can still do it through the McGill home page's "Community Calendar" which is linked from the online Reporter. Our editorial clerk Leslie Stojsic is the woman to contact at events@uro.mcgill.ca or 398-6753.

Daniel McCabe
acting editor